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UKCP daily news digest: People share what they want people to know about mental health

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Publication date: April 11, 2018 Author: By Gem Sofianos

Good morning – its Gem Sofianos with with today’s digest of mental health stories.

Top story: What would you want people to know about mental health problems?

People haven taken to Twitter to share what they wish people knew about mental health problems.

Using the hashtag #ThingsYouShouldKnowAboutMentalIllness, which was created by reporter Hattie Gladwell, people are sharing their thoughts and experiences of living with mental health problems and the things they want people to know.

‘I started the hashtag because as someone who suffers with mental illness, I know how hard it can be to talk about it, despite it being something that has the ability to completely consume your everyday life,’ Gladwell told the

‘So many of us live with mental illness – which is why a conversation around it is so important. There’s many misconceptions around mental illness, and how it affects someone,’ she added.

London mental health trust wins Chelsea Flower Show ‘feel-good-garden’

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust have won a competition to receive a ‘feel-good-garden’ from the Chelsea Flower Show.

The trust beat 39 mental health trusts to win the The Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) garden designed by award-winning designer Matt Keightley, which will provide ‘a green space to be enjoyed by hundreds of patients and staff who are cared for and work in the wards surrounding and overlooking the space’, the RHS said.

Patients and staff at the Highgate Mental Health Centre are set to benefit from the new garden when it is relocated after the world’s most famous flower show this summer.

The competition by the RHS and NHS aimed to raise awareness of the positive impact that horticulture has on mental health and to promote how gardens can provide relaxing and rehabilitative spaces.

‘Doctors knew my son was suicidal. I should have been told before he died’

 As part of the Guardian’s Healthcare Professionals Network consultant anaesthetist Sangeeta Mahajan shares her experience of losing her son to suicide.

‘Three years back I joined a club no one wants to be a member of. I became a parent who lost their child to suicide. He was 20. I didn’t think it was possible.’

‘I turn the events around his sudden death over and over in my head, and it makes no sense.  He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 weeks before he died. Initially his response to medication was good but then he plunged into a deep dark depression, which I thought was being managed by his GP. All this time, he lived at home with me. None of the medical staff mentioned the word “suicide” at any stage.’

In case you missed it…

Men who fall short of parents’ achievements ‘suffer mental distress’ – Failing to match or exceed their parents’ educational achievements can led men to suffer levels of psychological distress similar to the impact of divorce, a new study found.

Carol Vorderman opens up about her experiences with depression  – Carol Vorderman has opened up about her experiences with depression which led to suicidal thoughts.

Six people share their stories about stress related breakdowns – People shared their experiences of having stress related breakdowns and how they recovered with the Metro.

Well-being in the City’ initiative to put listening at the heart of business – Teaming up the Samaritans, the Lord Mayor’s appeal is launching ‘Well-being in the City, an initiative that ‘will put listening at the heart of businesses’.

MPs call for ‘breathing space’ for people who have serious mental health problems and are in debt– People who are being treated for serious mental health issues should be given a ‘reprieve from being hassled by creditors’ to avoid them spiralling further into debt.