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UKCP daily news digest: Ford launches campaign to ‘break the silence on mental health’

Publication date: April 5, 2018 Author: By Gem Sofianos

Hello – it’s Gem Sofianos with your daily round up of mental health stories.

Top Story: Ford partners with Time to Change to ‘break the silence on mental health’

The UK arm of Ford has teamed up with Time to Change to launch a national awareness campaign to encourage people to speak more openly about mental health.

The campaign centres on a TV advert ‘don’t let mental health be the elephant in the room’, which aims to get young men, in particular, talking more openly about mental health problems.

The advert aims to promote the front seat of a vehicle as a ‘safe space to talk’, after research conducted by Ford found 67% of people ‘said they were more comfortable talking about issues when in a vehicle.’

‘Statistically, we know that women are more open to talking about things that are bothering them, whereas men tend to clam up a little bit more’, Ford of Britain Chairman and Managing Director, Andy Barratt, told the Evening Standard.

‘We’re trying to get people to recognise that their mate in the van may not be themselves and it gives them permission to reach out and say hey, is everything ok? If not, let’s talk about it.’

NHS bodies threatened with sanctions over mental health funds

NHS bodies have been warned they may face sanctions if they don’t increase funds for mental health.

According to the Guardian Claire Murdoch, NHS England’s national mental health director, has told Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) they must ‘boost spending on mental health by more than the size of their overall annual budget increase’.

In a letter to all 207 CCGs, Murdoch warned that they must deliver the key NHS-wide funding pledge to ensure increasing demand is met, the newspaper reported.

‘This is a landmark moment for England’s mental health services,’ Murdoch said in the letter.

‘The requirement to increase mental health spending faster than overall growth in health spending is not only a crucial enabler of high-quality patient care, but a demonstration of the NHS’s commitment to putting mental and physical health on a level footing.’

“Currently the overwhelming majority of CCGs – 85% – meet the MHIS, but nearly nine in 10 is not enough.’

‘Where our data analysis suggests that an individual CCG is not on track to meet the standard, their financial director and operations director will be called directly by a member of NHS England’s mental health unit or myself, to seek assurances on local and regional plans to put this right,’ Murdoch said.

Young people are fearing for their emotional health more than ever before

Young people are fearing for their emotional health more than ever as worries about the future and ‘not being good enough’ weigh down on them, a survey by the Prince’s Trust has revealed.

The survey of over 2,000 16 to 25 year olds found that young people’s happiness and confidence in their emotional health has dropped to the lowest levels since 2009 when the study was first comissioned.

It also found that 61% of young people ‘regularly feel stressed and more than a quarter go as far as to say they regularly feel hopeless.’

‘It should ring alarm bells for us all that young people are feeling more despondent about their emotional health than ever before.’ Nick Stace, UK Chief Executive of The Prince’s Trust, said.

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