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UKCP welcomes Lib Dem mental health pledges

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Publication date: May 12, 2017

UKCP has welcomed the Liberal Democrats’ mental health pledges which have been released ahead of their full manifesto. We also challenge all other parties to equal, or better them.

Three of the Lib Dem mental health pledges announced this week closely match the recent calls from UKCP for £1.5 billion extra funding, ring-fencing of the mental health budget, and a 28-day waiting time.

The Lib Dems have pledged £1 billion funding which importantly is new money over and above existing spending plans. They have also pledged to ring-fence this money which will help stop it being used to prop up other services. And finally they have pledged shorter waiting times though not specified the target time.

UKCP chief executive, Janet Weisz, said: ‘Mental health services, for both adults and children, are desperately underfunded. Providing extra funding and ensuring that this money reaches those who really need it are two pledges that every party must make.

‘£1 billion of new money and reduced waiting times are welcome steps in the right direction.

‘Now that the Lib Dems have made these pledges, they need to be equalled or bettered by all parties. Whatever the political future of the UK, our mental health crisis isn’t going to go away without serious improvements.’

While closely aligning to three of the calls made by UKCP, no specific details have been given in regard to ease of access to mental health services, the quality of services, or choice. There has also been a lack of details on exactly what waiting time lengths the Lib Dems will be targeting.