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UKCP calls for £1.5bn for mental health

Publication date: April 25, 2017

We are campaigning for more high-quality psychotherapies on the NHS. We believe £1.5 billion is urgently needed to provide access to high-quality psychotherapies for an extra million adults and half a million children. We are currently pushing all major parties to adopt this in their manifestos ahead of the upcoming General Election. We are also calling for ring-fencing of the mental health budget.

• £1.5bn cash injection and ring fencing of the mental health budget needed in parties’ General Election manifestos
• 1.5 million people experiencing mental health issues would gain access to services including 500,000 children
• 57 per cent of CCGs planned to spend less on mental health this coming year than 2015/16.

As part of our campaign, we are urging all parties to adopt these measures which will enable increased access to mental health services, reduced waiting time, more joined up services and higher quality treatment.

£1.5 billion extra could provide access to high-quality therapy to 1 million extra adults and 500,000 extra children.

Our calculations show this would fund almost 30 more high-quality therapists per Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in each level of care: Primary care, Secondary care and Child and Young People’s services.

Chief Executive, Janet Weisz, said: ‘This is a chance to make a real change in the way this country acts on mental health care and build on the growing public awareness of mental health.

‘We need NHS mental health services which improve people’s lives by offering the high-quality psychotherapies that our members have been trained to provide. We also need more of it. The overwhelming majority of adults and children with mental health conditions are still unable to access psychological therapy.

‘Even though the government has pledged to improve mental health care there is no evidence extra money is getting through at a local level. Research shows that 57 per cent of CCGs planned to spend less on mental health this coming year than 2015/16. This is why ring-fencing is so vital.’

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