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NHS Confederation and Centre for Mental Health release report on Mental Health Workforce

Publication date: September 20, 2017

Yesterday NHS Confederation and Centre for Mental Health released a report focusing on investment in the existing mental health workforce.

We are pleased that this new report urges the Government to provide training to the existing mental health workforce, and that it recommends working with professional bodies to attract more people into the workforce.

There is already an existing huge workforce of therapists – UKCP alone having more than 8,000 qualified therapists with a large range of experiences.

We are glad to see that the report acknowledges the high demand for services, and especially highlights the high demand for IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Services). We already know that over 70 per cent of mental health trust leaders expect demand for mental health services to increase over the next few years, and it is essential that the government plugs the workforce gap.

The report follows on from the Government’s own Stepping Forward: Mental Health Workforce strategy, and is aimed at a wider long-term reform of mental health services. You can read UKCP’s response to this report here.

UKCP responded to this in a joint letter with the British Psychological Society, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the British Association of Social Workers and the Royal College of Speech and Language.

We hope that this latest report will prompt the Government to work more collaboratively, and to focus on a wider range of practitioners when delivering more mental health services.