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MONDAY MINDSET: Print artist creates ‘bold and moving statements’ about mental health

Publication date: June 25, 2018 Author: Gem Sofianos

Print artist creates ‘bold and moving statements’ about mental health

A print artist is using her skills to plaster the streets of London with ‘bold and moving statements’ about mental health, love and grief.

Speaking to the, Fandangoe Kid tells of how losing almost all of her family in 2011 ‘greatly impacted’ her work and led her to take a new direction addressing ‘difficult and sensitive subject matters’.

‘I experienced an enormous tragic loss of family which totally derailed me for a number of years.  It’s really difficult to go through raw trauma and to turn that into something cohesive in terms of creativity,’ Fandangoe Kid tells

Wood St / East Topping Street, Blackpool ❤️??☀️??

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Of her work she told the news outlet: ‘The output for me is essential, and actually revealing it to the public takes a lot of courage when there is so much going on inside of your head and heart.

‘If you are true to what you are doing you want to make sense of the world through creativity and it has to be cathartic and also a way of solving problems all the time by working through them.

‘It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve found ways that I’m comfortable with to express myself, and also ways in which other people can access that kind of journey, and eventually I found ways of making it more accessible.’

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Comedian uses illustrations to make people laugh to deal with mental health problems

An illustrator and comedian creates illustrations that make him and others laugh to combat his mental health problems.

Alec MacDonald has amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram after his therapist suggested the tactic to deal with his anxiety and depression.

Speaking to The Independent, he said: ‘I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid, but in my career, I’ve primarily devoted my time to writing. It was only in the past year or so that I realised that comics are the perfect medium for jokes (if you’re too shy for stand up — which I am). My therapist was actually the person who suggested I start trying to draw myself. I’d never done that before. It felt gross to me for some reason.’

Getting organized.

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‘Honestly, I started the Instagram page as an extension of therapy. Seeing the drawn version of helps me sympathise with myself (something I have a hard time doing),’ MacDonald added.

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