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MONDAY MINDSET: Friends hug for 36 hours to raise awareness for mental health

Publication date: July 2, 2018 Author: Jenna Rachid

Friends hug for 36 hours to raise awareness for mental health

Two friends have broken the record for the world’s longest hug to raise awareness for mental health.

Joe Snape and Will Jarvis, who have both experienced mental health problems and have seen others around them face similar issues, said their experiences fuelled their desire to tackle the world record attempt and raise money for mental health charity Mind.

Snape told ‘We hoped that by holding each other for over 36 hours in public, we might demonstrate the importance of simply showing a friend that you are there for them.’

According to the World Health Organization for each adult who takes their own life, there will have been 20 more attempts, demonstrating the need for increased mental health support.

By hugging in public for 36 hours, 36 minutes and 36 seconds, the friends sought to demonstrate the importance of support, friendship and kindness.

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Allotment scheme hopes to help people with mental health problems build self-esteem and confidence

Leaders of an allotment scheme in South Shields plan to create a new programme for people with mental health problems.

According to the Shields Gazette, the Holder House Project’s vision is to help the community by extending their current scheme, which helps those with learning difficulties, to also include a new project to help people with mental health problems.

Chris Convery, the scheme’s manager said: ‘The project is very much in its infancy, but we have lots of plans going forward.’

‘We know there are a lot of people suffering with various forms of mental health, and we also know there is hardly anywhere for them to go to access support,’ he added.

‘Through the project, we are hoping to create a place where people can come, and we can help them build their self-esteem and confidence, as well as their overall health and wellbeing.’

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