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MONDAY MINDSET: Painted street has positive impact on community

Publication date: April 16, 2018 Author: By Gem Sofianos

Hi, it’s Gem here with the top mental health stories you shouldn’t miss on a Monday.

Painted street lifts resident’s mood and starts neighbourly conversation

Residents on a street in Gloucester who agreed to paint their homes different colours say it has had a positive impact on their sense of community and well-being.

In an article for the they say the makeover has created conversation among neighbours and the street has even become a talking point in the community.

Artist Tash Frootko, who rents out two properties on the street, came up with the idea and then convinced the whole street to take part by painting every home a different colour to reflect the roads diversity.

‘I started painting the two properties I own and spoke to the neighbours who were on board with the plan,’ she told the

‘Within days the area was glowing and full of life as passers-by stopped to marvel at the changes.’

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Girl Behind the Lens: Stories of Mental Health and Empowerment exhibition

A London photography exhibition will showcase artwork created by women who have experienced mental health problems.

The Girl Behind the Lens: Stories of Mental Health and Empowerment exhibition is being run by WomanToWoman, a social enterprise founded by Emmy Brunner, which provides support to women facing mental health problems, including eating disorders and trauma.

Proceeds from the sale of prints from the exhibition will be used ‘to fund an eating disorder peer support group for women who are unable to access or fund their own treatment, and a women’s refugee psychotherapy group run by a trained, multi-lingual psychotherapist,’ the Evening Standard said.

The exhibition is taking place at The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury on April 27.

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Could working from home help our mental wellbeing?

Mental health writer Fiona Thomas believes that being able to work from home is key to her ‘mental wellbeing’.

In an article for the she explains how working from home benefits her mental wellbeing and why she thinks employers should allow their employees the option of flexible working, as sick days relating to mental health problems rise.

‘Sometimes on a bad mental health day the last thing you want to do is get in the shower and commute for thirty minutes to make small talk at the water cooler and to do work you could do more effectively from the privacy of your own home,’ she wrote.

‘I’m so grateful that I’ve managed to create a career that allows me to work from my bed when these bad days come, but shouldn’t flexible working be available to everyone?’

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Scottish mental health arts festival line up revealed

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, which is run by The Mental Health Foundation Scotland, will host its biggest theatre programme to date, it has been announced.

This year’s theme Beginnings, places a special focus on young people’s mental health in light of recent research suggesting that half of adult mental health problems begin in childhood.

The festival will feature a four-night Glasgow run of Mental, a powerful show about what it’s like to grow up with a mother who is bipolar, which won the first Mental Health Fringe Award last year.

Events will take place across Scotland from 7 – 27 May.

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