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MILLENNIAL MINDSET: Dave Navarro opens up about mental health problems

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Publication date: April 13, 2018 Author: By Gem Sofianos

Happy Friday, here’s today’s top mental health stories millennials should be reading.

Dave Navarro: ‘suicide has been a viable option in my past’

Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction/Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame has talked about having suicidal thoughts, and the impact of losing friends to suicide, as he prepares to host a music event to raise awareness of mental health problems and suicide prevention.

Teaming up with cult guitarist Billy Morrison, Navarro will host ‘Above Ground’ an evening of music that aims to ‘fight depression, boost mental health awareness’ and raise funds for MusiCares, the Recording Academy’s charity that provides support for members of the music community in times of need.


Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment Narvarro said: ‘As someone who suffers from mental health issues, suicide has been a viable option in my past, and we have lost a lot of friends this year, due to mental health issues.’

‘Going to Chris Cornell’s funeral and seeing Chester Bennington sing a beautiful song for his friend, and then [Chester] taking his life a month later, really had a massive impact on me.’

‘I couldn’t help but be brought back to the times when I had felt that lonely, that desperate, that suicidal, and I just want to change the playing field [with Above Ground] and let people know that there are options out there. [Suicide] isn’t the final answer. It’s OK to reach out for help,’ he told Yahoo. Read more

Cherophobia – the fear of being happy

We all know that feeling, when something just seems too good to be true. When too many things have gone our way or we appear to be on a suspicious ‘lucky’ streak.

For some people a fear or aversion to happiness is a debilitating condition, the fear that if you let go, are happy and carefree, then something awful will happen.

According to the Independent although cherophobia isn’t widely-used or well-defined some experts ‘classify cherophobia as a form of anxiety’.

‘Ultimately, it’s a feeling of complete hopelessness, which leads to feeling anxious or wary of taking part in, or actively doing things, that promote happiness as you feel that it will not last, ‘ Blogger Stephanie Yeboah told the

‘A fear of happiness doesn’t necessarily mean that one is constantly living in sadness. In my case, my cherophobia was exacerbated/triggered by traumatic events.’ Read more

New London music and arts venue to raise funds for mental health

The Cause, a new 400-capacity venue hopes to fill the void in London’s nightlife, as well as promote community and support mental health charities.

The venue in Tottenham is opening in a former car-mechanics depot and hopes to raise £25,000 for its charity partners; Mind In Haringey, C.A.L.M and Help Musicians UK, through a monthly membership scheme.

This Friday will see a Crowdfunder Launch Party, to give early members and supporters a taster of what’s to come. Read more

Can helping others improve your mental health?

Mental health writer Fiona Thomas looked into studies of altruism, and found that volunteering ‘is associated with lower depression, increased well-being, and reduction in mortality of around 20% among volunteers, compared to non-volunteers.’

In a piece for, she said she also found that people who ‘act generously’ benefit as they begin to see themselves as a ‘good’ person.

She also spoke to real-life ‘do-gooders’ who have seen a ‘shift in their mental health after helping others.’ Read their stories here

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ‘moved’ by support from fans

Actor Dwayne Johnson said he has been ‘moved’ by the support he has received after he opened up about his mental health problems.

At the premiere of his latest film Rampage, he told Newsbeat the response he has received has been ‘phenomenal’.

‘It was really overwhelming and thousands of people responded,’ he said.

‘One of the most important things that I know helped me with the multiple times that I had gone through my own episodes of depression, was making sure that I was talking to people.’ Read more

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