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Membership bylaws consultation

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Publication date: July 11, 2017

We have today launched a consultation which will affect our student and trainee membership grades. This consultation is for UKCP organisational members that we are inviting to share their views.

We are seeking to amend our bylaws around student and trainee membership because the way they are currently written excludes student and trainees from some of our organisational members.

People applying for UKCP student or trainee membership must be registered with a UKCP-accredited training organisation. However, some of our organisational members do not describe themselves as training organisations because, rather than train themselves, they oversee training carried out by a subsidiary organisation.

This anomaly has arisen because of the way that the bylaws are worded. It means that some people on UKCP-accredited courses are excluded from student and trainee membership. Having looked at this situation we think the most appropriate course of action is to amend the bylaws.

View the consultation and proposed changes to the wording of our bylaws, and find out how to respond.

We welcome your comments on the proposed amendments to help us ensure that they are workable and practical. We would also welcome any general comments on the amendments.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 15 September 2017.