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Labour Party accept UKCP call to ring-fence mental health budget

Publication date: May 16, 2017

UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), has welcomed Labour’s pledge to ring-fence the mental health budget in their manifesto released today.

UKCP is also pleased to see that Labour have committed to expand the choice of psychological therapies available on the NHS.

Questions have been left unanswered regarding how much of the £7.4 billion promised for the NHS will go to mental health services, but the fact that what is allocated will be ring-fenced is positive.

Chief Executive of UKCP, Janet Weisz, commented: ‘Ring-fencing of the mental health budget is desperately needed. We need to end the scandal of NHS mental health money being diverted away and used to prop up other services. It is great that Labour has recognised this.

‘For the children, adults, couples and families who rely on mental health services, promises of money are not enough. That money actually needs to reach the front-line.

‘Labour’s commitment to provide an expanded range of psychological therapies is also very welcome. Research shows that when clients can choose the therapy that is right for them, they have a significantly better chance of recovery.

‘We do, however, want to know exactly how much of the £7.4 billion per year of new money Labour has pledged for the NHS is going towards mental health.’