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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consultation report

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Publication date: April 3, 2017

We’re pleased to publish the results from our recent consultation on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We are committed to resolving grievances raised with us in a more informal way wherever possible. ADR is a mechanism that is less stressful than the formal Complaints and Conduct Process (CCP) and has a higher chance of both parties walking away feeling satisfied. It allows us to help to resolve all other concerns that might not be serious enough to enter the CCP, but where it is still obvious that the therapeutic relationship has broken down.

ADR or mediation is a voluntary process and one that only works if both parties engage in a participatory way. So, we wanted to hear from you about what things you would find helpful to resolve grievances with your clients, how you would like an ADR process to look, and how we can better support our members in resolving these disputes or concerns.

The consultation ran between October and December 2016. We have summarised the feedback we received in this report. Our ADR working group will use it over the coming months to formulate a new policy promoting collaborative, future-facing resolution.

The cover image of our consultation report on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)Download a copy of the report

If you have any questions or comments about the report, please contact the Complaints Team at