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Our organisational members and trainings

We have around 80 organisational members who offer training or accreditation to allow psychotherapists to become a member of UKCP.

If you are considering becoming an organisational member, read more about joining us here.

Find an organisation

You can find an organisation by browsing our:

UKCP organisational members (by college)

All organisations are grouped together into UKCP Colleges. Colleges are collections of organisational members and individual members who share a certain philosophy of psychotherapy.

Training organisations (by college)

Training organisations provide trainings compliant with UKCP, and college training standards and requirements, the graduates of which will be eligible for registration. Many training organisations act as accrediting organisations for their graduates.

Accrediting organisations (by college)

Accrediting organisations assess the qualifications and experience of non UKCP trained psychotherapists/ psychotherapeutic counsellors in order to determine if they meet the requirements for registration.

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