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Organisational membership

There are many reasons to join UKCP. Membership is a mark of quality that recognises your organisation’s high standards of training, professional and ethical practice. Becoming a member can enhance the standing of your training courses as well as opening the door to a range of resources and professional networks.

Organisational members can hold one or more of the following functions:

  • Training only
  • Training and accrediting their own graduates
  • Training and accrediting their own graduates, but also accrediting non-UKCP-trained professionals
  • Accrediting only – including accrediting other training programmes and individuals who trained at those or other training programmes
  • Listing – only reaccrediting current UKCP registrants

We welcome applications for membership from new organisations. To become a UKCP organisational member, your organisation must:

  • be relevant to psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic counselling and support UKCP’s aims and objectives
  • have been in existence for at least three years before applying for UKCP membership
  • possess an accountable financial and administrative structure compatible with UKCP’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • not be a sub-unit or branch of any organisation or institution which is separately eligible for membership
  • have a code of ethics and practice compatible with UKCP requirements
  • be viable to UKCP.

The application process

The application process

If your organisation is interested in becoming a UKCP member, please download the correct Applicant Organisation form (below) for the type of organisation you would like to be recognised as. Complete your form and send it to us with the required supporting documents, and application fee of £400.

Your form will then be reviewed by UKCP’s Membership Committee and the relevant modality college.

For further information about organisational membership and the application process, contact the Regulations Team on 020 7014 9955 or email

Applicant Organisation/OMR forms

Training and Accrediting:

Training only:

Accrediting only:

Listing:  (These organisations only reaccredit existing registrants, and do not add anyone new to the register.)