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This online event will develop your supervision and practice to engage with the Memorandum of Understanding on ‘Conversion Therapy’ 2017

About this event

Would you recognise when issues around conversion therapy may have some bearing on your supervisee’s case? This transformative webinar will explain how the Memorandum of Understanding on ‘Conversion Therapy’ 2017 affects everyone and will give you the support and resources to end abusive therapy. Be part of the movement to open up our rich diversity of practice to the infinite spectra of human experience.


You will discover:

  • the opportunities and challenges for the collaboration between practitioner and supervisor on gender and sexual diversity
  • why there is no one-size-fits-all solution to abusive therapy for gender and sexual minorities
  • how differences in identity, culture and developmental stage of practice influence the supervisory collaboration
  • how to facilitate ethical contracting when your supervisee is working with a client in conflict and distress over their orientation or identity
  • your practice-specific contributions to ending abusive therapy of gender and sexual minorities?


This event is for UKCP supervisors only.


A pre-study pack will be sent to all registrants prior to the training and will require 6-8 hours of preparation and post-training reflection and activity.


In order to fully participate and benefit from this training some engagement with the pre-study pack prior to attendance is vital. How and what time you give to this depends on your own learning style and current depth of appreciation of the material.



Pamela Gawler-Wright is founder of a UKCP organisational member and currently Chair of a UKCP College. She has served for years on UKCP’s Ethics Committee and on its Education, Training and Practice Committee and has worked hard in implementing shifts in diversity and inclusion in UKCP and other organisations since the late 1980s. Pam is a Clinical Associate of Pink Therapy and has been engaged in retraining psychotherapists and counsellors in working with gender and sexual diversities for many local and national charities and services. She is a sought-after presenter and conference keynote speaker who is renowned for creating safe and playful spaces for addressing challenging questions. Pam brings to this training some original models of working with trauma and identity conflicts as well as facilitation of a collective process of enriching of our work to meet the experiences and needs of gender and sexual diversities.

Date: Monday, 27 September 2021
Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Online
Cost: Free


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