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Staff spotlight: Adam Jones

I joined UKCP in March 2018, shortly after completing my master’s degree in Parliamentary Politics. Before that, I had worked in Westminster for two MPs.

My political background is a result of a longstanding desire to change policy for the better and joining UKCP offered me the chance to try to do so in an area I care deeply about.

Long-term psychotherapy has had a transformational effect on my life.

Before therapy, I felt that my experience of mental distress made me different from others. I often wondered if I would ever be ‘cured’, even more so after a few sessions of CBT had little lasting effect.

Then psychotherapy came in. Session by session I began to know myself better; to contextualise my present-day problems within my life as a whole; to think creatively about solutions to challenges; to find belief in my ability to change long-held habits, but to be patient with the process; and to feel comfortable in accepting that mental health – like life – will always have its ups and its downs.

I was extremely fortunate that I was able to find and access the help I needed. However, I’m all too aware that puts me in the minority. That’s why my role at UKCP – to push for greater access to psychotherapy and for psychotherapeutically informed policymaking, and to support our members in pursuing their livelihoods – is so important to me.

My workload is varied and includes things like lobbying MPs, the Government and NICE, fighting psychotherapy service closures and promoting the quality assurance of UKCP accreditation to insurance companies.

Members are always encouraged to raise policy and advocacy concerns and if there are any issues you would like us to take up, please email me at