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Volunteer for us

We are, first and foremost, a national professional body. We carry out all activities expected of a professional body including:

  • developing and updating standards of practice
  • setting out principles and guidance on ethical issues
  • inspecting and accrediting training organisations
  • organising conferences and other professional events
  • writing and publishing materials to inform and support professional practice
  • reviewing developments inside and outside the profession and writing about their relevance for psychotherapy
  • offering the advice of our profession to various government or other bodies.

This work needs to continue year in and year out, and UKCP relies on a band of volunteers to get the work done.

Voluntary work for the profession

This kind of voluntary work needs to be done by therapy professionals on behalf of their colleagues and the profession at large. It needs to stay grounded in an understanding of client work and professional training – but could not be more different from client work.

The rewards

By volunteering, you get the opportunity to make a personal and lasting improvement to psychotherapy at a national level, perhaps in an area that has long been important to you. There is scope for personal initiatives in a small professional body like UKCP – most of our work is driven forward by individuals with an interest in a particular issue. If you feel that there is an aspect of national professional life that deserves more attention, why not step forward and make something happen?

The frustrations

On the other hand there are unrewarding and frustrating aspects of working within a small national professional body. There is only modest office support, and most of the day-to-day work does not attract much recognition, let alone plaudits or fame. And there is some inevitable bureaucracy, especially in work that involves setting or changing national standards. One of UKCP’s great strengths is that it encompasses many different types of psychotherapy, but that increases the work needed to agree any arrangements across our various colleges. Sometimes the process and progress can seem slow.

How to get involved

If you want to discuss options, then please contact us at