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General Election campaign 2017

What did we campaign for?

We called for the government to provide a million extra adults and 500,000 extra children with access to the mental health services they need.

Ahead of the General Election we called on all major parties to commit to:

  • £1.5bn extra for psychotherapy and ring-fencing of the mental health budget
  • a 28 day waiting time target from referral request to first appointment
  • higher quality services with more sessions, more choice and properly trained staff
  • joined up services to stop people getting lost between child and adult care.

Read our full manifesto calls here and costing briefing here.

We asked for your support by writing to your local election candidates and supporting our campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

What did we achieve?

During the General Election campaign we challenged all the major parties to commit to better therapy services. UKCP successfully persuaded:

  • Labour to include ring-fencing the mental health budgets as one of their key policies
  • the Liberal Democrats to commit to increased access to talking therapies by investing an extra £1bn a year into mental health services
  • the Green Party to include a commitment to a 28 day waiting time target for therapy.