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Quality therapy: Access for all

We are campaigning for the government to properly fund therapy services. We want to ensure more people get access to the quality therapy they need.

It is an appalling fact that the vast majority of people (over 80 per cent) with mental health issues are currently unable to access therapy on the NHS.

Even though more money is being invested into mental health services, in over half of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS), money isn’t reaching the frontline.

We want to drive up quality and end the current quick-fix approach to care. Too many clients are stuck in the revolving door of therapy, needing to return to care again and again because it wasn’t good enough first time round.

What are we doing about it?

  • We are working with MPs, ministers and shadow ministers to lobby for better therapy services.
  • UKCP member’s experiences of the NHS drive change; we asked our members working in the NHS to share their experiences of mental health services.
  • Evidence drives our arguments; we’re conducting regular research on the best way to improve NHS therapy services.
  • We’re getting in touch with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) around the UK that are making cut backs and missing access targets.