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Education, Training and Practice Committee

Working in consultation with modality colleges and member organisations, the UKCP Education, Training and Practice Committee sets the minimum standards for education, training and continuing professional development.

Committee members

Fiona Biddle, Chair
Jill McWilliam
Kris Black
Sarah Collings
Angela Cotter
Philippa Donald
Pam Gawler-Wright
Paul McGinley
Judy Gray
Angela Gruber
Sarah Hamlyn
Tirril Harris
Jennie McNamara
Zenobia Nadirsha
Peter Nevins
Yemi Oloyede
Keith Silvester
Norman Cooke
Iris Corrales
Fran Renwick
Julia Cayne

Alan McConnon, UKCP Registrar, ex-officio member

In attendance

Daniel Hopkins, administrator and UKCP Quality Assurance and Regulation Officer

Useful documents

A report on the use of online learning for psychotherapy training by Fiona Biddle, Sept 2011
Safeguarding resources

See also the Standards, guidance and policies page of this website.