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Research bursaries update

In 2017, the Research Faculty Committee in UKCP offered seven awards in support of member research, with the intention of supporting a diverse range of projects and members. Some projects were at an early stage and ethical approval was required; five are now complete.

Portrait of Divine Charura

Divine Charura, who received one of our research bursaries

Two projects were presented at the Research Conference in 2017. Divine Charura reviewed the literature on the use of psychometric measures for assessing refugees and asylum seekers, followed by a qualitative study exploring therapists’ experience of using measures with these populations. Peter Stratton reviewed outcome literature on systemic and family therapy (supported by the Association of Family Therapy).

Azmin Remuntullah and colleagues identified the effects on therapy for women who had experienced sexual violence or abuse and therapy under pretrial conditions, while Elizabeth Cohen explored the use of the calendar and consideration of time issues in therapy for children, and Siona Bastable Vizard interviewed adults who self-identified Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Congratulations to all those who took part.