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Consultation on a new draft Code of Ethics for UKCP

Our Ethics Committee is producing a new Code of Ethics. Our aim was to begin afresh to ensure there is clarity about the values underpinning the Code, and coherence in its structure and content.

The new Code is designed to create a clear, decisive ethos and character for psychotherapy and its practitioners by highlighting the central principles of professional ethics for UKCP members and registrants.

We undertook a stakeholder consultation on the first draft of the Code in 2016, and encouraged feedback from our individual and organisational members, colleges and faculties as well as other professional bodies. The Ethics Committee has taken on board the comments and feedback, and is ready to present a new draft for consultation.

About this consultation

This consultation process will begin on 1 June 2018 and end on 7 September 2018. It is intended for UKCP stakeholders, including students, trainees, UKCP members, committees, faculties and colleges, and the general public.

If you are a committee chair or officer, we would be grateful if you would discuss the new draft code and formulate feedback with your committee colleagues during the consultation period.

Timeline for the consultation – 2018

13 April – consultation kick-off workshop with chairs of colleges, faculties, and UKCP committees

4 May – deadline for ‘internal stakeholder’ responses and feedback

1 June – external consultation begins, ie members and the wider community

June/July/August – Ethics Committee consultation on the website

30 June – Members’ Forum in Cardiff

7 July – free members’ consultation event in London

7 September – deadline for members’ responses and feedback

21 September – feedback presented to Ethics Committee

23 November – draft Code of Ethics, if not already agreed, will have final agreement by the Ethics Committee, and then sent to the Executive Committee via email and then to the Board of Trustees once approved for their meeting at the end of January 2019.

Consultation downloads

Draft UKCP Code of Ethics

Current UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct (Sept 2009)

Governance and Time Frames for the Consultation

Consultation questions (to be completed via the survey by 7 September 2018)

If you would like to consider the consultation questions in advance, please download this PDF of the survey questions.

Please complete the survey no later than close of business on 7 September 2018.