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  • Are we looking the wrong way?

    Published: 29 Jan 2018

    Martin Pollecoff, UKCP chair responds to Johann Hari's new book I do like a literary row. When a writer is attacked I assume one of two things: either the book is rubbish or it’s hit a nerve. On 7 January when the Observer and the Guardian offered readers a sneak preview of Johann Hari’s new book, Lost … 

  • The New Psychotherapy I dream of and why we need it now

    Published: 29 Jan 2018

    Prof Sarah Niblock responds to Johann Hari's new book, following the commentary from UKCP chair Martin Pollecoff It used to be thought, pre-Freud that if we removed all parts of the body there would still be an essential, unified, thinking self. Yet in reality our sense of self is composed of many pieces and parts that to … 

  • Top tips on managing the winter blues

    Published: 2 Jan 2018

    Some people thrive in the winter months, with celebrations and the start of a new year full of possibilities and resolutions. But for others it can bring feelings of isolation, obligation, pressure, lack of routine and the unknown. Three UKCP therapists have given us their advice for coping with the winter months. You can find out … 

  • World Mental Health Day – The fight for good mental health at work

    Published: 10 Oct 2017

    Written by Professor Sarah Niblock, Chief Executive, UKCP “I used to manage a big team in my old job, but now I feel like I am just a nobody.” These are the words of Kevin*, 49, who was made redundant after nearly three decades in a high-powered role when his firm was taken over. You could say Kevin … 

  • Cultivating dialogue at the Conservative Party Fringe

    By Professor Sarah Niblock, Chief Executive, UKCP , Published: 3 Oct 2017

    Written by Professor Sarah Niblock, Chief Executive, UKCP "I’ve just been walking and talking to Jacob Rees-Mogg." I had to blink hard as my bleary, early-morning eyes read the text from our Chair Martin Pollecoff, just hours after we’d delivered our rallying cry at the Conservative Party Conference. While most Mancunians ate their cereal and toast, Martin …