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Published: 10/02/2016

UKCP random audit 2016

The annual UKCP audit is now open for 2016. Each year we randomly select 3% of our registered members for compulsory participation in the audit.

We undertake this process in 9 batches of auditees, so those randomly selected will be notified via email at specific points in the year. Auditees will have approximately 5 weeks to meet the deadline for submission.

This marks the first year that we are aiming for a fully paperless audit to support UKCP’s greener office environment. You will be notified by email if you are selected, and you will be asked to submit your documents electronically.

Specific guidance will be sent in your audit pack email, but to prime our registrants in advance we have created an overview of the process and requirements below.

**There is no need to contact us at present, as we will inform you via email if you have been selected.**

We would like to thank all auditees in advance for their co-operation in this process.


To maintain the integrity of our register and high standards of regulation, UKCP undertakes annual random audits of registered individual members.

The following is a brief list of requirements for audit submissions. For more detailed information, examples of documentation, and further guidance, auditees should refer to the Audit Guidance Notes.

Those selected for audit will be asked to provide evidence of the following documents:

Certificates of Qualification as a Psychotherapist

Auditees are required to submit all relevant qualifying certificates, for example degree certificates, diplomas etc.

The evidence required is what you would have provided to your organisation initially for acceptance as a UKCP member. Please note this evidence was reviewed by your organisation when you registered, but has not been reviewed by UKCP.

If you do not have certificates of qualification, you must send in all relevant evidence of registration or accreditation with your organisation. Please see the Audit Guidance Notes for further details and requirements.

You do not need to send your UKCP certificate.

Continuing Professional Development during the last 12 months

Auditees are required to submit CPD logs and documents, statements or other evidence of CPD undertaken during the audit period of January 2015 to December 2015. Please see the Audit Guidance Notes for further details and requirements.

Supervision during the last 12 months

Auditees are required to submit evidence of supervision during the last 12 months. What they provide must allow our auditor to see the type and quality of supervision received as well as other details listed in the Audit Guidance Notes.

Certificate of professional indemnity insurance

Auditees are required to submit evidence of current professional indemnity insurance. The certificate must include cover for the audit period - that is from January 2015 through to when the documents are submitted. This may mean submitting two certificates.

Clinical Hours

Auditees are required to confirm whether they are in clinical practice and what the clinical hours were between January 2015 and December 2015. Please see the Audit Guidance Notes for further details.


If an auditee was working with children during the audit period (or is now) they will be required to provide a current CRB/DBS document. This evidence should also be supplied if it is required by their employer or UKCP organisation.

Additional documents

Auditees should submit any additional documents required by your organisation or college which are required for membership.

Audit Outcome

The UKCP auditors will examine the documents presented and will notify auditees of the outcome via email.

Please email for any additional queries not answered in the online Audit Statement above or the Audit Guidance Notes.

More information

UKCP’s policy documents, including CPD Policy, Supervision Policy, training standards, and the UKCP annual random audit of registrants policy, can be found here:

More information regarding CPD, Supervision, sabbaticals and other modality specific requirements can be obtained directly from your OM or college.


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