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Published: 19/09/2013

Total Politics apologises for conversion therapy advert

Total Politics editor Simon Macrory says 'We got it wrong'

In its September 2013 issue, Total Politics printed an advertorial promoting 'conversion' therapy in the middle of a feature-length article with Archbishop Welby. Conversion therapy aims to convert people from gay to straight and is a form of therapy UKCP considers highly unethical. Chief executive David Pink wrote to Total Politics in response to this advertorial:

"UKCP and other therapy professional bodies consider conversion therapy unethical because it treats homosexuality as an illness. For a therapist to collude with a client seeking to rid themselves of unwanted feelings of sexual attraction is to, therefore, offer 'treatment' where there is no illness. An important part of working ethically means not holding pre-determined views about what's best for a client.

"Instead, UKCP has member therapists of all religions and sexualities. They help clients who have troubling feelings of sexual attraction, gay or straight, work with diverse client groups and have an open-minded, empathetic, ethical approach to supporting all patients on their unique journeys."

Total Politics editor, Sam Macrory, replied with the following:

"We got it wrong with the Core Issues advert, and we won't be running it, or an ad of its kind, again. We don't endorse any of our advertisers; we seek to facilitate debate, not decide what gets debated. As Shane Greer, our managing director, has written, the Core Issues advert was dishonest - and that's where we draw the line. We're sorry this mistake was made, and have donated the money received for the ad to Stonewall. In publishing, mistakes happen, and when they do it's important that we hold our hands up and take corrective action."


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UKCP has campaigned for some years against 'reparative' or 'conversion' therapy and issued guidance to its members in 2011.