Full clinical individual member

For fully qualified psychotherapists or psychotherapeutic counsellors. You may be eligible for this grade if you:

  • Have completed an accredited training course with one of our organisational members - you will be automatically eligible for UKCP membership.
  • Apply through a UKCP accrediting organisation if you have not trained with one of our organisational members. They will compare your professional education and training with UK training standards and assess your skills and experience.
  • Hold a European Certificate in Psychotherapy (ECP). ECP holders may also apply through one of our accrediting organisational members or directly to a UKCP college.

How to apply

If you have trained with, or are being accredited by, one of our organisational members, please complete the application form for psychotherapists or the application form for psychotherapeutic counsellors. You will also need to read our data protection policy and complete the member consent to data form. Please return these forms to the UKCP organisational member of your choice.

For ECP holders

If you hold an ECP, please complete the application form. You can either

return this form to a UKCP accrediting organisational member

or, if you are applying through a UKCP college appropriate to your modality, send your form by email to membership@ukcp.org.uk or by post to UKCP, Membership Services, Edward House, 2 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7LT.

Other grades of membership open to full individual members

  • Full non-clinical individual membership - for members who have been a UKCP member for at least five years and who may be teaching or supervising but are not engaged in clinical practice.
    If you would like to change your membership status to become a full non-clinical member, please contact our membership team by email at membership@ukcp.org.uk.