Who to talk to about...

Individual and organisational membership including applications, renewals and find a therapist

To contact the Membership Team, email membership@ukcp.org.uk or dial 020 7014 9955 and select option 1.

Nick Phillips
Membership Operations Manager
E: Nick.Phillips@ukcp.org.uk

Zoe Ellis
Membership Coordinator

Jonathan Koranteng
Membership Coordinator

UKCP events and sponsorship

Sophia Dick
Events and Sponsorship Manager
T: 020 7014 9966
E: Sophia.Dick@ukcp.org.uk

Submitting an article or book review for The Psychotherapist, advertising, media enquiries, communications including the website

Sandra Scott
Communications Manager
T: 020 7014 9973
E: Sandra.Scott@ukcp.org.uk

Claire Walsh
Communications and Media Officer
T: 020 7014 9490
E: Claire.Walsh@ukcp.org.uk

Justin Moll
Communications Assistant
T: 020 7014 9952
E: Justin.Moll@ukcp.org.uk

Research and Policy

Peter Kunzmann
Policy and Parliamentary Affairs Manager
T: 020 7014 9963
E: Peter.Kunzmann@ukcp.org.uk

Audit, accreditation, regulation, the register, European Certificate for Psychotherapy, organisational member applications

Alan McConnon
T: 020 7014 9964
E: Alan.Mcconnon@ukcp.org.uk

Daniel Hopkins
Quality Assurance and Regulation Officer
T: 020 7014 9953
E: regulation@ukcp.org.uk

Dora Beggs
Quality Assurance and Regulation Officer
T: 020 7014 9975
E: regulation@ukcp.org.uk

Kyriana Delisle
Committe and College Administrator
T: 020 7014 9491
E: Kyriana.Delisle@ukcp.org.uk

Queries regarding the committees and governance of UKCP

Alex Crawford
Governance Officer
T: 020 7014 9962
E: Alex.Crawford@ukcp.org.uk
Services key UKCP Boards and Committees

Complaints about therapists registered with UKCP, and any matters concerning the Complaints and Conduct Process

All complaints should be emailed to complaints@ukcp.org.uk.

Sultana Khanum
Complaints and Conduct Manager
T: 020 7014 9496
E: Sultana.Khanum@ukcp.org.uk

Samantha Lind
Case Manager
T: 020 7014 9978

Amy Coates
Case Manager
T: 020 7014 9493 

Senior staff

Louise Lilley
Head of Operations and Regulation
T: 020 7014 9969
E: Louise.Lilley@ukcp.org.uk
Leads on the delivery of operational and regulatory functions

Richard Hunt
Head of Communications
T: 020 7014 9499
E: Richard.Hunt@ukcp.org.uk
Leads the strategic delivery of UKCP's internal and external communications output and media liaison

Chief Executive's Office

Janet Weisz
Acting Chief Executive
T: 020 7014 9979
E: Janet.Weisz@ukcp.org.uk

Jill Barclay
Office and HR Manager
T: 020 7014 9968
E: Jill.Barclay@ukcp.org.uk