If you are thinking about making a complaint about a UKCP registered therapist or organisation, or about a service you have received from UKCP, get in touch with our complaints team.

Our trained staff can provide information about how to make a complaint and other options available to you.

Complaints about therapists

We aim to ensure that the therapists on our register are fit to practise. Dealing with concerns and complaints is a core element of our service to the public.

We will look into cases where there is evidence that a therapist may not be fit to practise. We will also look into complaints about a therapist who is unable to meet our professional standards because of a health problem or a drug or alcohol problem.

If you are considering making a complaint or raising a concern about a therapist, we have guidance on how to do this. We also publish decisions arising from complaints cases and forthcoming hearings.

Complaints about organisational members

Over 70 psychotherapy organisations are members of UKCP. If you would like to make a complaint or raise a concern about an organisation, you can find out if it is one of our members by checking our list of organisational members.

Complaints about our organisational members are dealt with by the UKCP college to which they belong. If you are not sure which college to contact, please call our registrar on 0207 014 9964.

Complaints about UKCP

We aim to offer a high quality of service across all areas of our work. We take complaints very seriously and welcome your feedback.

If you have a concern about the service you have received from UKCP or about a member of our staff, you may wish to discuss it with the staff member or their manager – often they will be able to resolve things straight away. Any member of UKCP staff will be happy to provide you with contact details for the correct person, or to take details from you and arrange for them to call you at a convenient time. Call our office on 020 7014 9955.

If you are still dissatisfied and wish to make a complaint, you can download a complaints form or email our Head of Operations and Regulation at

To find out more about how we handle complaints against UKCP, please download our policy document on complaints against UKCP.