UKCP Book Series Editorial Board

The UKCP Book Series Editorial Board is the book publishing arm of UKCP.

It supports UKCP strategic aims by helping to promote psychotherapy and UKCP internationally through:

  • cooperating closely with UKCP committees, colleges and faculties with the aim to:
    • establish and prioritise gaps in psychotherapy literature on subjects highlighted by the Board's strategic aims or newly emerging subjects relevant to our field
    • identify potential authors on such subjects
    • support the authors with their projects through to publication
  • cooperating with UKCP's communications department to produce publications supporting UKCP members in their endeavors to:
    • develop as writers
    • encourage their reflection on theory, research and clinical practice that relates to their work.


Editorial Board members

Alexandra Chalfont, Chair
Caroline Clery
Anne Cotter
Janet Love
Elizabeth Meakins
Lesley Murdin
Sandra Scott
Martin Pollecoff
Philippa Weitz, Commissioning Editor
Heward Wilkinson
Gary Winship