The Psychotherapist Editorial Board

The Psychotherapist Editorial Board oversees the production of The Psychotherapist.

Published three times a year, The Psychotherapist is a magazine for the benefit of UKCP members and aims to keep them informed of developments likely to impact on the profession. It contains news, updates on regulation, feature articles, letters, book reviews, details of courses, conferences and more.

The editorial board:

  • agrees a rolling programme of themes for future issues
  • considers proposals from prospective guest editors and, where necessary, invites individuals to serve as guest editors to cover particular themes
  • develops proposals for future developments in terms of themes, content, presentation and promotion of the magazine

Editorial board members:

  • Sandra Scott, Chair
  • Janet Weisz
  • Richard Hunt
  • Mary MacCallum Sullivan
  • Richard Casebow
  • Rachel Pollard
  • Karen Dempsey