Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties

The Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties is made up of chairs of all colleges and faculties or their designated alternate. Its responsibilities are the following:

  • To submit to the Finance Committee collective college and faculty business plans and budget requests for the funding of college and faculty work
  • To provide individuals for stakeholder consultations
  • To maintain and train a pool of modality assessors
  • To maintain a pool of external moderators with experience of delivering at MA level
  • Ensure cross-modality standards are maintained
  • Approve college processes for assessing organisational members' re-accreditation processes
  • To administer the organisational member quality review process
  • To provide two representatives to the Board of Trustees.

Committee members

Katy Rose                   PRCCF Chair
Ian Argent                    HIPC Representative
Michèle Bartlett           FPHC Chair
Charmian Beer           CSRP Chair
Stephen Blunden        Lay Member
Shaun Brookhouse    CH-P Representative
Andy Cottom                CPJAC Chair
Judith Lask                  CFCST Chair
Del Loewenthal           UTC Chair
Carol Martin                  Research Faculty Chair
Pauk McGinley             CEC Chair
Jennie McNamara       CCAP Chair
Mark Morris                   Lay Member
Svetlin Vrabtchev         COMP Chair
Mark Webster               CPC Chair

In attendance

Alan McConnon           Registrar
Jane Nairne                 PRCCF Administrator