Reviewing our Complaints and Conduct Process

CCP consultation review reportIn 2012 UKCP introduced the Complaints and Conduct Process (CCP 2012), a centralised process for handling complaints about psychotherapists on the UKCP Register.

On 1 October 2013 this process was extended to cover all members of UKCP, and a widespread consultation process was announced. The objective of this consultation was to reflect on the current process and to bring forward improvements where necessary.

The consultation was launched in January 2014 and we received a wide range of feedback from therapists, committees and organisations in the mental health field, and members of the public. The consultation was officially closed in April 2014.

Read the Complaints and Conduct Review Group's report.

Review Group

An independent advisory group was established to review and discuss the feedback received during the consultation and to offer recommendations to the UKCP Board of Trustees about what might be improved.

The CCP Review Group was comprised of representatives from UKCP’s colleges, Professional Conduct Committee, Complaints and Conduct Team, and Trustees, and was chaired by the CEO of UKCP, David Pink.

The group divided the questions on the consultation into core themes and tackled each of these issues during eight meetings from May to July 2014. The group also discussed key issues that were not specifically listed in the consultation, but that feedback had highlighted as key concerns amongst the respondents.

The Board approved the changes in September 2015.

These are the changes to the CCP rules that we have made:

  1. Only breaches of the codes of ethics will be considered by the CCP 
  2. We have referred to "suitability to be on the register" instead of "fitness to practise
  3. We have made it clear that decision by another body or a criminal conviction must be relevant to professional practise
  4. We have removed the provisions relating to PEC
  5. We have removed the sanction for "removal of office"
  6. We have provided for an option of a learning report to be given orally to the adjudication panel
  7. We have allowed for anonymous complaints if independently verifiable
  8. We have allowed for "information" and self-reporting by a therapist to be considered under the CCP
  9. We have made it clear that resignation during a complaints process will not prevent the complaint from being considered
  10. We have made it clear that the Case managers must always seek the advice of the Professional Conduct Committee before accepting or rejecting a complaint about a breach of a code of ethics
  11. We have provided for a new ground of appeal if a new piece of evidence is available which was not reasonably available at the time

To view the new rules and guidance see Making a Complaint.

Minutes of the Review Group Meetings

Minutes of the meeting on 30 April 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 28 May 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 11 June 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 25 June 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 9 July 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 23 July 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 30 July 2014

Minutes of the meeting on 22 October 2014

 Board of Trustees Meeting in November 2015
The report was put before the Board of Trustees in November 2014 for approval. The Board accepted all of the group’s recommendations, with the exception of one. The Trustees agreed that before they could agree a change from open hearings to closed, more investigation needed to be done to understand the impact this might have. It was also agreed that at present, all hearings will remain to be held in public (where representations can be made by either party to hold it in private), until further information is presented to the Board. This should not affect the timetable for the implementation of the review.

Next Steps
The Complaints and Conduct Team have now started work on revising the current CCP in light of the approval by the Board of Trustees. It is anticipated the revised rules will be implemented by autumn of this year.

Share your views or give feedback to the Complaints and Conduct Team by emailing our Complaints and Conduct Manager, Sultana Khanum: