Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) plays a key part in enabling UKCP to meet its responsibility to maintain professional standards. It oversees the new Complaints and Conduct Process (CCP) and Central Final Appeal Procedure (CFAP).

The remit of the PCC is to oversee the role, function and management of the CCP and the consideration of applications to appeal through the CFAP. This involves working closely with the Complaints and Conduct Officers and other UKCP staff. PCC members review specific complaints to determine whether the application meets the prima facie requirements to be lodged formally, or for an appeal to be taken forward. They then oversee and advise on the subsequent handling of cases.

The Complaints and Conduct Team provide administrative support at the PCC monthly meetings.

Committee members
Brian Linfield MBE, Chair
Jane Hetherington
Clemens-Emanuel Gutwenger
Carmel Bamford
Niki Reeves
Ruth Yudkin

Complaints and Conduct Process Review

During 2014, we conducted a consultation on our current complaints and conduct process to reflect on how it was working and to bring forward improvements where necessary. The consultation was launched in January 2014 and we received a wide range of feedback from therapists, committees and organisations in the mental health field, and members of the public. The consultation was officially closed in April 2014. Read more about the consultation here.

Annual Report

UKCP's Professional Conduct Committee publishes a report setting out key statistics for the year(s) covered. These include the number of general enquiries and complaints received, the number of cases considered and accepted, and the types of complaint received.

UKCP Professional Conduct Committee report 2014-2015Professional Conduct Committee report 1 January 2014-31 December 2015







PCC annual report 2013 Professional Conduct Committee report 1 April to 31 December 2013.