External Affairs Committee

The primary purpose of the External Affairs Committee is to coordinate the work of UKCP staff, volunteers and representatives working with external bodies, the media, government bodies and other professions and alliances.

The secondary purpose is to support the development and maintenance of UKCP position statements and responses to external events including government initiatives, allied professional organisation activities, topics of interest to the public and media interest.

The Committee's priorities are determined by the strategic plan of the Board of Trustees and communicated through the Executive Committee.  Policy is determined by the Board of Trustees, informed by the External Affairs Committee and other structures of UKCP.

The External Affairs Committee is chaired by the Chair of the Board of Trustees but does not have any formal delegated authority for decision making, rather it coordinates the work of various parts of UKCP that do have authority.

Main Functions

  • To be a repository of knowledge for all external UKCP work
  • To develop and maintain networks with key stakeholders in governments, business, media and public
  • To provide formal and informal communication links between UKCP internal structures and those who influence the stakeholders mentioned above
  • To inform and influence media and decision makers about the values, policies and issues of UKCP members and registrants
  • To plan responses to information and initiate communication giving the UKCP perspective
  • To maintain links via the Executive Committee and the Professional Regulatory Committee of the Colleges and Faculties to all committees, colleges and faculties.

Committee members

Janet WeiszJanet Weisz, Acting Chief Executive



Pat Hunt
Inger Gordon
Martin Pollecoff
Sandra Scott