Diversity, Equalities and Social Responsibility

UKCP is committed to ensuring diversity and equalities issues are addressed at all levels of the charity.

The role of the DESR Committee is to identify and contribute to debates, dialogues and policy making on issues of diversity, equalities and social responsibility within UKCP and in the wider psychotherapy profession.  Specifically the DESR aims are:

  1. To encourage, support and improve access to therapeutic services for minority communities
  2. To dialogue with all members of UKCP and its training institutions to develop policies and ways of working in the therapeutic process that meet the needs of diverse communities
  3. To encourage and support the professional development of minority counsellors and psychotherapists and their entry into the profession
  4. To raise awareness and improve our practice in relation to environmental concerns, such as climate change (including an ecopsychology approach); in general and as they relate to the profession and practice of psychotherapy.

The committee is made up of representatives from UKCP Colleges, UKCP members with specialised knowledge and others with knowledge of the field who are involved with specific projects as well as others who want to engage with DESR issues more generally.

Committee members

Zenobia Nadirshaw, Acting Chair
Maire Stedman, Vice Chair
Riva Joffe, Administrator

Other committee members
Aida Alayarian
Kris Black
Iona Fredenburgh
Deidre Haslam
Geoff Ibbotson
Georgina Parkes

For more information about the committee's projects, events and for many resources please visit the DESR website. 

Some areas covered are:
Gender and Sexual Diversity
Black and Minority Ethnic Groups
Environment and Climate Change
Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Class and Economic Inequality
Gender Inequality