Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Intersubjective Psychotherapy College

UKCP created the Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Intersubjective Psychotherapy College to develop and oversee the accreditation of training courses leading to UKCP registration as a psychotherapeutic counsellor.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling is distinguished from traditional counselling by its emphasis on the co-creation of an in-depth therapeutic relationship; wherein the suffering human being is viewed holistically, body, mind and soul and in the context of a concrete life situation and developmental stage.

Training towards registration with UKCP is designed to enable trainees to learn and acquire skills on a number of levels; cognitive, emotional, attitudinal and behavioural. There is particular reference to developing competencies in establishing and maintaining the psychotherapeutic counselling relationship which is the central factor in the work.

In order to train psychotherapeutic counsellors for registration with UKCP, the course provider must demonstrate how their selection processes, course content, requirements, theoretical base, assessment procedures and delivery of the training will enable and evaluate the capacity of candidates to both engage in and tolerate what can be a demanding process of learning.

The impact on the self of the counsellor as they engage in the therapeutic relationship needs to be supported and challenged as they are stretched to understand themselves at a deeper level.

Courses vary in the depth and intensity of training and this is usually determined by the model of psychotherapeutic counselling being taught and the level and nature of the actual qualification which specifies the learning outcomes.

Most of the courses offer modular training and allow the candidate to progress from the acquisition of basic counselling skills and then deepen the content for those wanting to do further training to equip them to become an accredited and UKCP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor.

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Helen Windsor (Chair)