Objectives and legal documents


A registered charity, UKCP's objectives are to promote:

  • the art and science of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling for the public benefit
  • research in psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling, and to disseminate the results of any such research
  • high standards of education, training and practice in psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling
  • the wider provision of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling for all sections of the public

We also have a number of strategic objectives which underpin our work.

Legal documents

UKCP’s activities are underpinned by a number of legal documents that set out the framework within which we operate.

  • UKCP Articles of Association
    Our Articles of Association is the founding document of UKCP, which sets out our objectives, overarching governance arrangements and the liabilities of members.
  • UKCP Byelaws
    Our Byelaws set out in more detail some aspects of UKCP’s functions, including categories of membership, organisation structure, governance structure, elections and terms of reference for officers and committees.
  • UKCP Standing Orders
    Our Standing Orders set out UKCP’s procedure for change management of official documents as well as detailing the responsibilities of the board of trustees, committees, faculties, colleges and special interest groups.

UKCP trustees report and financial statements

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