About Us

The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) is the UK’s leading professional body for the education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors. We have over 8,700 individual members, and more than 70 training and accrediting organisations.

What we do

UKCP is the quality mark for high standards in psychotherapy. We hold the national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors, listing those practitioner members who meet exacting standards and training requirements. We also hold a specialist register for psychotherapists qualified to work with children and young people. Find out more about our registers.

As part of our commitment to public protection, we deal with all complaints about therapists or organisations who are UKCP members.

How our organisation is structured

UKCP is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by its constitutional documents and a Board of Trustees. The Board oversees the fulfilment of the charity's objectives. A number of committees report to the Board or to the Executive Committee which oversees ongoing work.

All members, both individual and organisational are also members of 11 UKCP colleges. These represent distinct philosophies of psychotherapy including psychotherapeutic counselling.

Members may also take part in the work of our faculties. Faculties are groups of members – organisational and individual – who share a mission or interest.

We also have a Members' Forum where all layers of UKCP gather together to debate issues of consequence to psychotherapy, the profession and to UKCP.

Members may also form special interest groups. These usually arise from informal peer groups and are composed of members (organisational and individual) who share a particular professional interest. These groups can be created freely by members for any purpose congruent with UKCP's mission and values.

As a member of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN), UKCP is:

  • Committed to good practice
  • Kept up to date on current research 
  • Part of a network of professional bodies that learn from and share with each other