UKCP book series

UKCP Book Series BooksUKCP has joined forces with Karnac Books, a specialist in psychotherapy and mental health publishing, to develop a series of books that reflect on and contribute to emerging themes in psychotherapy practice, training and research. Our book series also provides members with an opportunity to become published authors and make a significant contribution to the literature about psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling. Members are entitled to a 10% discount on all titles in the series when ordering through Karnac’s website.

View and buy the books in the UKCP book series on the karnac website


Writing for the series

UKCP is reviewing the future of the UKCP Book Series. While this review started out with an examination of the ways in which the programme connects to UKCP’s strategic objectives, we are also looking at the rationale of the series, and possibly introducing one or more themes for future UKCP book commissioning. The review will take at least three months, and the recommendations will then be considered by the Board of UKCP.

Our programme aims to publish about four books per year. No commitments are being made to accept any more books for publication at this stage. Subject to a decision by our Board, UKCP will continue to support the eight authors whose books have already been accepted and our Book Editorial Board will continue to provide the same level of guidance to prospective authors and those whose proposals are in the pipeline.

UKCP is proud of the wealth of talented authors, past present and future, who have been attracted by the Book Series.

David Pink, chief executive UKCP, February 2015